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Zheng xizhi - Sydney Academy of Art | 悉尼中国书画院

Zheng xizhi - Sydney Academy of Art | 悉尼中国书画院

  • Zhengxizhi
  • Zhengxizhi
  • Zhengxizhi
  • Zhengxizhi
  • Product description: Zheng Xizhi, character biography bridge, born in Henan, Zhengzhou, was born in 1972.

Zheng Xizhi, character biography bridge, born in Henan, Zhengzhou, was born in 1972. The thirteen generation descendant of Zheng Banqiao paintings of bamboo, Dean of the Central Plains bridge painting and Calligraphy Institute; pass bridge Zhuyun court gezhu; CCTV CCTV Star Park Xinhua Financial Media Academy of painting and calligraphy, painting and Calligraphy Institute Vice President of Li's director Li; accreditation; National Academy of painting and calligraphy China served as executive vice president; Vice President China cadres Calligraphy Research Institute Henan branch network. Vice president, Zhongzhou University.


In 2017, my painting was selected as the commemorative stamp collection of the nineteenth Congress of the Communist Party of china. It was incorporated into the national ceremony works of famous collection ceremony, the ceremony Chinese Review Committee to evaluate the cost of rengar works, the domestic market price of 12000 yuan per square foot.


I was fond of art, obsessed with painting, the use of ground observation brain, love nature, a mountain of water every tree and bush. Often a man is company with the sun and the moon; dancing with the landscape. Enjoying the lovely scenes of nature, sucking nature wonderful essence, revel in the joy of painting. Is often linger, and. No matter how hard life is, you never give up the love of art!


The passage of time and writing, dozens of years as one day, so I kept studying painting art knowledge, keep practicing, and the ancient masters were sent as a warning. Especially in the past twenty years, I have consulted many masters of contemporary art, and have constantly studied, summarized, sublimated and formed their own unique style of painting. Especially worship Zheng Banqiao, Li Keran, Pan Tianshou, Zhang Daqian, Fan Ceng and other contemporary painting masters. And a few masters of the work of deep research, benefit a lot. Zheng Banqiao, also known as the twelfth generation of Zheng Baiqiao, is his teacher. Mr. Zheng Baiqiao is the Secretary-General of the Central Academy of painting and calligraphy. The teacher's advice and the grand master Zhang Ruiling Kai first teaching, so I get a qualitative leap in the art on the road.

岁月流逝而笔耕不辍,几十年如一日,我就这样不停的攻读美术知识,不停的练习作画,并以古代大师名派为鉴。特别是近二十年来,请教过很多当代名家大师,并不断的钻研学习总结升华,形成了自己独有的画风。尤其崇拜郑板桥、李可染、潘天寿、张大千、范曾等近当代画界名师。并对几位大师的作品深有研究,受益匪浅。又拜郑板桥第十二代传人 郑柏桥先生为恩师。郑柏桥老师现任中央书画艺术研究院秘书长。经恩师的指点迷津和师爷中华第一楷张瑞玲大师的谆谆教导,使我在美术的道路上又得到一次质的飞跃。

Painted bamboo bridges based on bamboo, specializing in painting bamboo for decades. Draw the rich and colorful variety of bamboo style heroic attitudes. Form a unique style of bamboo painting.
I am good at bamboo, peony, figures, landscapes and other paintings. My landscape figures, flowers and birds, insects, fish, especially Banqiao, bamboo, ink, peony, grapes and other paintings have been praised by fans of calligraphy and painting. And from Beijing, Malaysia, Japan, Switzerland, Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan and other domestic and foreign painting lovers and collection of painting and calligraphy collectors.

Cross strait calligraphy exchange registration editor Zhang Shuping teacher:
Bamboo paintings on both sides of the straits,
Snow bamboo melody can be amazing.
For thousands of years to exemplary conduct and nobility of character,
The bridge is better than the picture.

Doctor of medicine experts Wei Peihan teacher.
Appreciate the sense of Zheng Chuanqiao painting:
No meat, no bamboo,
Love is the gift of love.
One river and two banks,
Five hundred million flower thousand bone.











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