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The Australian Sydney Painting and Calligraphy Network was established by the 100,000 Cultural and Art Center entrusted by the vast number of Australian calligraphy and painting lovers with the aim of promoting the exchange of Chinese and Australian calligraphy and painting.

In October 2017, Shuangcheng calligraphy and painting exhibition was held.

In May 2018, Chinese Calligraphers and artists took part in Sketching Activities in Australia.

In August 2018, China and Australia oil painting exhibition was held.

In September 2018, Australian calligraphers and artists went to China to sketch their life.

The establishment of Sydney Calligraphy and Painting Network in Australia has opened a window for Australian calligraphy and painting lovers to understand the art of Chinese painting and calligraphy, stimulated the enthusiasm of Australian people to learn Chinese culture, and made great contributions to Sino-Australian cultural