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  • Lan Yang-Academy of Art
Lan Yang-Academy of Art

Lan Yang-Academy of Art

  • Product description: Professional painter: oil painting, traditional Chinese painting

      兰洋 ,男 ,汉族 ,辽宁省 ,职业画家  :油画 、国画 。

      1963年出生于辽宁省葫芦岛市 ,90年毕业于鲁迅美术学院,从小耳濡目染周围的艺术环境,并一直坚持艺术信仰。最早师承于王希奇、雷保喜 教授 后又师承刘影照钊教授,并一直坚持艺术信仰 。

      近年来多次参加国内画展,2019年参加了第十三届全国美展 ,慢慢了解了艺术的真谛、感觉可以在这个艺术世界里遨游。在经历过多次专业学习后已经开启了艺术之旅、并且自信一定会走出自己的道路,多年一直利用工作之余,研修书画参观学习于国内外各大美术馆,受益匪浅 。近年来 专业从事油画学习创作 ,结业于中国美术学院油画研修班 。很多作品已被企事业单位及个人收藏 。

      Lan Yang, male, Han nationality, Liaoning Province, professional painter: oil painting, traditional Chinese painting.

      Born in Huludao City, Liaoning Province in 1963 and graduated from Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts in 1990, he has been influenced by the surrounding art environment since childhood and has always adhered to the art belief. He first learned from Professor Wang Xiqi and Professor Lei Baoxi, then from Professor Liu yingzhaozhao, and has always adhered to his artistic belief.

      After work, he never gave up his pursuit of art and often visited various exhibitions and artistic activities, gradually forming his own art world. Traditional Chinese painting and oil painting have always been difficult to give up, and his heart never gave up and has always been unremitting pursuit.

      In recent years, he has participated in many domestic art exhibitions, and in the 13th National Art Exhibition in 2019, he gradually understood the essence of art and felt that he could roam in this art world. After many professional studies, I have started my art journey, and I am confident that I will go out of my own way. I have been studying calligraphy and painting in my spare time for many years, and I have learned a lot from the major art museums at home and abroad. In recent years, he has been engaged in the study and creation of oil painting and graduated from the oil painting seminar of China Academy of fine arts. Many works have been collected by enterprises, institutions and individuals.